Why At This Site

Why at this site

Why include a restaurant in mealvilla.com

mealvilla.com a project from the new generation and objectives extremely honest partnership.

Policy mealvilla.com is to offer quality services and competitive prices - available to every single owner of Bar, Restaurant, Pizza, Beer, Cake Shop, Ice Cream Parlor and others.

mealvilla.com offers you a great opportunity to have your own virtual restaurant.

From mealvilla.com get:

1. Own Administration (upload and manage their menu in real time, without limitations volume of the proposed dishes menu categories, items etc.).
2. Notification orders FREE (in your own online panel and by e-mail) and paid (by sending SMS to you and to the customer).
3. Reservation System (customers can make reservations at tables in the restaurant you are online).
4. Possibility of discount (you can specify over what amount you requested food would you give a certain discount rate and period of the same).
5. Ability to receive electronic payments by PayUMoney
6. Mobile version of the site.
7. Geo location and automatic distance delivery (for example, deliver within 5 km).
8. Determination of the minimum and maximum amount for order delivery

mealvilla.com doing great and advertise your restaurant, allowing upload a link to your site and photo gallery that presents your establishment as well as possible.

Make more food supplies for home and office and enjoy your profits!

Work only for yourself!

The team of mealvilla.com is at your disposal to answer all your questions - contact us

We will be happy in your face to find a good and faithful partner.

With respect:

mealvilla.com - team